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Pink Turtle

Turtles on the sand

Working from a stencil the first one I produced was the 'blue' turtle. Three pieces of board hinged together they look great in our apartment. I then replicated it but in pink. I preferred the blue one, but once they were photographed on the sand I have to say the pink one maybe takes the prize. I guess it all depends on the background and setting.


He usado un stencil. El primero cuadro era la tortuga azul.  Tres cuadros juntos. Parece bien en nuestro apartamento. Despues he hecho la tortuga rosa. Prefiero la de azul pero despues de algunos fotos en la playa quiza la rosa es mejor.  Tal vez depende en el situo.

Blue Turtle

Costa Azahar


Abode. Home.

Costa Azahar, in the region of La Safor. Our flat and me born in 1975.

En casa.


Costa Azahar en el region de La Safor.  Nuestro piso y yo nacimos en 1975.

Have fun

Have Fun!

Everyone needs a mantra!

Todos necesitan las reglas de vida!

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Liquid acrylic birthday pressie for the hubby...lot of fun to do. More to follow

big abstract

Big Abstract

Kind of inspired by Pollock


Never up a creek without one!

dark blue anchor
pair of blue and white
vintage star
Grey and yellow

Well I am having so much fun with these! We have one hanging in our entrance hall with added hooks so we never loose our keys.

Estoy disfrutando estos remos mucho! Tenemos uno colgado en la entrada con ganchos, nunca perdimos las llaves.